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Blowout:Who's Next?

Is the global methane industry the best way to solve greenhouse gas driven warming? The natural gas (methane) industry seems to think so. Science and victims of fracking related pollution disagree. Check out the film at

This is not a bridge to a renewable energy future. This is a plan for fossil fuel dominance. To feed these gas exports, 3 million horizontal gas wells will need to be drilled and fracked across America. Along with pipelines, compressor stations, dehydration stations and liquefied natural gas (lng) export to bring that fracked gas to market. These facilities will be placed near where people live, work and play.

What should neighbors expect when fracked gas moves in next door? Recent history has given us a record and it’s not good. Blowout: Who’s Next takes us inside three cases of gas industry related contamination. The facts told by harmed resident are chilling. A pattern of deceit and deception emerges, as the gas related companies involved work to deny their victims justice. Fracked gas, it turns out, is often not a good neighbor.


Blowout | Who’s Next? release date: FALL 2017
(This film was created for educational purposes only).

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